My special thanks to Gennaro, Magic Doudous, Gabes and Ambarish. What a nice day in the park! I love Central Park and all her man made beauty. By the way the guitar I'm playing is an old Harmony Opus, made in Chicago out of solid Mahogany, before the factory got sold to the Japanese, think early 70's. I bought it in Harlem from a young man who got it from its Dad, but never played it. It was beaten up by the sun and totally warped. The local guitar maker wanted a fortune for the repair, so, as Dutch as I am, I decided to repair it myself and investigated the internet! The solution: get a little wet cloth, squeeze it out till no drops comes out, put it in a plastic zipper bag with tiny needle holes in it, and place it in your guitar on a little plastic container so it doesn't touch the wood. Get some Sushi Sticks, and make them a little taller then the warped part you want to lift(1 cm) and put the guitar in a garbage bag for 48 hours. Repeat the process again after letting the guitar air out for another 48 hours till you reach the desired level. This got the guitar back to its original state, except for the picking plate that's missing. Ma petite Opus guitare, I love her........;-)