I started teaching guitar in Paris, a couple of years ago, and things got a little out of hand. They kept coming back and brought friends and family and it became a serious little guitar school. I'm not claiming to be a great guitarplayer or guitar hero, absolutely not, but my teaching got appreciated and so I took it serious. I learned so much from my students, they actually became a big influence in my playing and I grew with them. It started all with basic flatpicking Blues and Folk Guitar. I tried to make some short videos to help students to have a better vision on the lesson when they work on their own at home. Here is a little collection of those. I call them : Blues Riffs pour faire la route (Blues for on the road). And these were the foundations for the new generation here in Paris. They became angels on the guitar and before you know, they became like Gods and in speed they overtook me in no-time. It is so grateful to see these results. Most kids wanted to learn metal after the basics of blues, and that's the moment for me to send them off to another teacher. I can't get into metal, it hurts my ears and I'm not made for this. I have a lot of respect for those guitarplayers though!
Anyway, these videos, I discovered, are a great help for the beginning guitar player. Just to redo the lesson at home helps and motivates them again. As a teacher you try to bundle all your energy into the student and its great to get results. I find video an excellent way to teach and get taught. Here are some of the videos I made. Oh, and before I forget, they are in French and pardon my poor French language. Enjoy!