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We are turning the page on 2013, and as we all know, this year the energies were strange and often uncomprehensive. Our society is changing and so are our lives. Sometimes we get punished for things we haven't done and sometimes we get away with unforgivable actions. Anyway, whatever you put into life you get out. I wish for peace and understanding between cultures, religions and races, I ask for respect of traditions and to take care of the people around us that are not as strong as us. Look around us, there are so many conflicts, its so easy to point a finger and find someone guilty. Lets give tomorrow a new chance, because we won't come back to today. Mistakes, yes, I do admit them, there are too many to count, but.....I'm on my way to tomorrow and I won't come here anymore and behind the horizon waits a whole new beginning of a lifetime. Have an excellent ride into 2014 Best of luck, HP