hp guitar

Rotterdam to Capetown, Paris to New York, HP picked up the guitar when he was a kid and has been strumming ever since. The port of Rotterdam was home and gave his youth a musical hint of blues where he learned the guitar by doing....and studying with Egon Verhoeven and Henk Souslé.

From Rotterdam and its ethnic melange of peoples and music he moved on to Switzerland and there HP exhanged
a boogie woogie riff from the piano for a lesson of Flamenco guitar. The Flamenco guitar was the turning point
for a long and intensive discovery of technique and style.

The time in Switzerland was a period of great discovery. From there the desire to open the musical borders of his experience lead to South Africa. Here,the life of Capetown inspired another chapter on the road of musical discovery....

Capetown filled with all the colores of the musical rainbow, opened the world of African Djembees, the drums of tribal Africa. Along withthe Flamenco, blues, and African strains the musical world widened. In Capetown there was study with native drummers and guitar players as well. This experience added a more diverse playing of the guitar.The city of Capetown is a musical crossroads and here HP found himself quite at home and broadened his musical knowledge and insight.

After Capetown the voyage was on to France. Paris was the next stop. In Paris HP found a slight deviation from the blues...called sing your heart out!

His journey never complete,the study of the voice and singing became utmost to the next chapter.
The blues,jazz,songs...important to understanding the voice.

All of these disciplines have opened a wide world of knowledge and experience.

Recording engineering came as a necessary study in New York City where he has been recording young artists since 2002.

HP has a teaching and recording studio in Paris and one in New York.